2016 Lexus RX 350, 450h

The famous Japanese car making company Toyota is set to release 2016 Lexus RX brand which will be fourth generation release of the popular SUV automotive. The Lexus RX will be an upgrade from the previous model Lexus RX 350. The model is slightly bigger in size and more spacious than its predecessors. The buyer can count on better driving experience, because this car is very comfortable. The external appearance of the this new model is dominated by a redesigned front appearance and an, improved look of LED headlights, bumper and grille. Japanese car producer plans to expand the aluminum usage in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle that will further enhance both the economy of fuel and performance of the vehicle. Hood, tailgate and closures will be made of aluminum. Variants of the 2016 Lexus RX model are likely to be the same in almost every aspect.

2016 Lexus RX front

2016 Lexus RX: Design and Features

The interior of 2016 Lexus RX is done in a comforting manner. It seems that the manufacturer had the Comfort of the users in mind. The automotive is fitted with high quality seats so luxury of users is well taken care of .there is more than enough space for movement of legs so big people are cared for. The model will have two sited rows with five seats but there is an option of three rows of seats and that will provide more than enough space. Improved display for audio player with high definition speakers will provide good output of music and thus enhancing the comfort of the vehicle. Bluetooth connectivity is also available. A large touchscreen display is fitted for better handling. Navigation has been greatly improved and that’s a big up for the manufacturer. The 2016 Lexus RX will be available in different colors. There is a possibility of presence of improved security features. Those who love cars will find the model fun to use.

2016 Lexus RX interior

2016 Lexus RX: Engine Specs

The engine will be a high-performance; most likely V8 or V6 engine with 350 horsepower torque. The same gearbox as the one used in Volkswagen Touareg and Volvo XC90 might be applicable. The gearbox will be an automatic one and will have approximately six to eight speeds transmission thus providing the required support for the powerful engine. The new model will have a rear-wheel drive. Optional all-wheel drive will be inclusive. 2016 Lexus RX will have a turbocharged 3.5 liter four cylinder direct injection engine. The turbo engine will also be more fuel efficient. The engine will provide power of more than 100hp.hybrid versions will have a slave engine with up to three electron motors.

2016 Lexus RX rear

2016 Lexus RX: Price and Release Date

The price of the 2016 Lexus RX will vary depending on the options available and the country of release. However the price may range between $ 41 000 and $ 42 000 but this could shift to around $ 50 000 or above depending on the level of equipment and demand in the market. For the variant models the price may exceed 60 000 us dollars . The model will be available for sale in the market in March 2015.

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