2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Price, Powerful Engine

The awaited crossover will be installed with a very powerful engine and an incredibly comfortable cabin which will give it an outstanding appearance. On top of that, fuel economy is one of the primary highlights as far as this model is concerned. It’s offload capabilities makes it fight still competitors without strain. These changes together with the true cost will leave you with no choice other than waiting for the new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser front

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser : Redesign

Compared to the predecessors, this vehicle will have a box body shape as well as undergo several changes to improve the overall performance. For instance, the manufacturers have decided to use lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber in the construction of the new model. Replacing the old materials is an excellent way to reduce the weight of the new Toyota Land Cruiser and thus improving fuel economy. Another significant change is seen in the grille which is incorporated with new technology sleek headlamps. The grille will be spacious to allow maximum air circulation for natural cooling of the engine. We can’t forget the new stylish bumper installed in the vehicle to give it an elegant appearance. From outside you can also see modern mirrors and a chrome molding.

To maximize safety and comfort, the new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser will be equipped with modern components. First, the car is very spacious with seats that are upholstered with top leather material and also incorporated with ventilated and heated door seats. The passengers in the back seats will also enjoy 9-inch monitors installed at the back of the first row seats. In addition to that, there is going to be a DVD player and a quality audio system. The dashboard of this new crossover will be incorporated with modern technology components to assist driving. There will be features like an 8-inch touchscreen to control other systems in the vehicle, an automatic air conditioner to regulate the temperature among others. When it comes to security, the vehicle is equipped with safety features such as a pre-collision system, airbags and air curtains, and parking sensors.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser interior

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser: Powerful Engine and Performance

The SUV is expected to have a very powerful engine compared to the predecessors. Therefore, it is going to have a 5.7-liter V8 engine that will generate an output of 381 hp and 401-pound feet of torque. Besides, it will be mated with an automatic 6speed gearbox. Compared to the previous model, Toyota Land Cruiser will have a better fuel economy since it will reach up to 13 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. The new model is also expected to have a four wheel drive system that will enable it to deal with rugged off-road terrain. This is made successful by an Active Traction Control, and also a Torsen restricted slip differential which has locking features to distribute power evenly to all wheels with the best traction on rough terrains.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser side

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser: Release Date and Price

With the above speculations, the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser is expected to hit the market industry at the end of 2017 or early 2018. The SUV will have a starting price of $85,000 which will vary with specs.

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